Do you have an inner critic?  That voice that pops into your head to tell that you will fail, that you will look stupid, that you aren’t deserving of success?  Are you great at what you do but constantly feel like an impostor? Does your inner critic laugh and tell you that you’re going to be found out?  Do you get in your own way by self-sabotaging your attempts to make any changes in your life?  If any of this sounds familiar and you want to build incredible confidence and self-belief by creating your innner-cheerleader, then why not book a free consultation?

I help business owners let go of self-sabotage and negative self-talk in order to unleash their authentic truth, value and strength. I’m so EXCITED to be able to share some of the INCREDIBLE techniques I’ve used so you too can enjoy the AMAZING results.  To find out more, book in for a free consultation.


Are you a Business Owner?  

Would you like to be more productive?  Do you need to increase sales, appointments or improve customer service?

It can be tough finding the time to identify areas where you could gain quick and significant improvement when you are busy with the day to day running of your business.

With extensive experience in assessing performance, leadership, sales and service management as well as training design and delivery I am ideally placed to support you in identifying any areas for improvement as well as implementing the solutions.

All you need to do is contact me to arrange a free consultation.

Imagine if tomorrow you had an expert on hand to support you in taking your business to the next level?

To allow you to focus your time on what you do best and remove the frustration of not being able to fit everything into your day?

To remove the frustration of not being able to focus on the key areas that you believe will develop your team and business to even higher performance.

What if you had an expert on hand to work with you to identify the key areas you want to work on as well as being on hand to support you in the implementation of solutions?

I will spend time understanding your key areas of focus as well as observing your team; I work with you to produce and implement a development programme tailored to your own specific needs.

If you are ready to develop your business further and rid yourself of the frustration of not being able to make the improvements you need to, then please contact me to arrange your free consultation.


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Business Coaching

Lou has been really helpful as a personal and business coach.  She has helped me organise my time and help me achieve more in my day.  She also provided SAFESOL Ltd with Sales training which was really helpful. She helped us prepare telephone prompts and encourage us with our cold calling which has lead to us increasing our customer base.  Lou has provided a calm but motivational force.

Vicki Morrison

Director, Safe Sol, The Clever Little Chemicals Company

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