Using NLP with Business Coaching and Life Coaching

I have an iPhone.  Well, I’ve had one for about 7 years now.  Not a bang up to date one mind you, I only upgraded to iPhone 5 this year.  Why? Well to be honest I only use a tiny fraction of what it’s capable of; the most recent version will include more “stuff” that I simply don’t use.  Actually, not simply ‘don’t use’ but am not even aware of its existence!  I’m not a complete technophobe, I can use some elements of it but I stick with those I’m comfortable with.  I have made an effort this year to learn more, I’ve even checked the instructions!  I do find it easier if someone shows me; I’m not always convinced that the instructions are written in English!

So, what has an iPhone got to do with a blog on NLP and Coaching?  I was looking for a simple definition of NLP; I thought about how I use my iPhone and how it’s like my brain.  There is so much more there that I’m not aware of or just don’t use as effectively as I could.  Sometimes that user manual isn’t written in the best language for us. Sometimes we need someone to take us through it, to show us how to do it, to guide us.  Unlike my iPhone, I cannot rely on a child to help me access everything.  I have been shown things through my life that have led me to use my brain in a particular way; to think in a particular way and to feel a particular way.

What is NLP?

I’ve lost track of the number of ways I’ve hear NLP described. If you ask a hundred people “what is NLP?”  You will probably get a hundred varying answers. I like to think of it as a user manual for your brain and it’s a great help when I use it in business and personal coaching.  NLP helps us to organise our thinking, feeling, language and behaviour to produce the results that we want.

Let’s break it down. Neuro relates to the way people take in and sift information through their senses; namely sight, hearing, taste, smell and kinaesthetic (touch or emotional feeling). Linguistic relates to the way we interpret our experiences through language. Finally, ‘programming’ is the way we integrate into our own internal programmes which then influence how we think, speak and feel.

NLP Definition

This leads to a definition that I’m more comfortable with and is a better reflection of the work I do. ‘A model of communication that focuses on identifying and using patterns of thought that influence a person’s behaviour as a means of improving the quality and effectiveness of their lives.’

As a Master Practitioner of NLP, I use it in my business coaching and personal coaching. I use it to help clients gain greater control of their thoughts and feelings.  This helps them to run their lives more effectively and to communicate more effectively with others. That doesn’t mean that what you’re currently doing is wrong; only that there may be a way of doing it that provides better results for you and moves you closer to your goal.

NLP is really about understanding what makes us tick; understanding and using the language of the mind to get better results. I use it because it because I’ve seen how effective it is in bringing about better self-awareness and change.  Put simply, the way I use NLP with a client helps them have more choices and control in their lives.

How NLP Can Help You

There are lots of uses and you may find that you have already encountered some of it without recognising it.

I use NLP with a wide range of clients. Whether you’re a business owner, a manager, a salesperson, parent, teacher or student to name but a few!  Using NLP within the coaching structure I provide for clients, ensures that it stays practical and relevant to each client’s needs.  These needs can range from getting the most from your staff in business, improving your relationships with family members or work colleagues.  It may be learning how to get rid of any self-limiting beliefs that are getting in the way of what you want to achieve or it may be to increase your confidence and self-belief.  It’s also a great tool to help us get rid of unhelpful habits, in fact it was a key factor in how I was able to become a non-smoker this year.

So, if you’re tired of analysing a problem, if you want to get away from constantly examining it and would like to get past it to make the changes you want to make, why not get in touch for a free consultation?  We can have a chat about how this could help you make the changes you want to make in your life.

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