Coaching is a process that’s used to help you identify how to achieve your goals. It helps you turn a dream or wish into a goal that you can and will achieve.  Coaching helps you make changes and it primarily focuses on the here and now.  The coaching I provide helps you learn more about yourself.  This is because I absolutely believe that my clients always have the answers within them.  My role is to help you find those answers and put them in place in a structured way, that’s right for you, to achieve your goal.

As a coach, I help you to improve your performance in a specific area; I help you to learn. This then allows me to help you make the changes you want to make.  It’s really important to understand that not everyone who visits a coach is there to ‘fix’ something. It may be to achieve a new goal, to try something different or to do something even better.  Everyone who visits me is there to make some type of change in their life. My role is to provide the structure for that process as well as helping you access your resources.

So, my coaching provides you with a structured approach to achieve your goals.  It’s a programme that I adapt to your specific needs to provide the structure and facilitation for you to make the changes you want.  With coaching, these changes happen quicker than they would working on your own.

How does coaching work?

Coaching is all about enabling you to develop your own capabilities, which then enables you to maximise your potential.  Coaching draws on a range of disciplines such as business science, philosophy, positive psychology, education science, neuroscience and sports psychology.

It works by helping you to quieten your inner dialogue while you set out your plan to achieve your goal.  It distracts the voice of the inner critic whilst I help you identify the resources and skills that you decide you need to reach your goal and make the changes you want.  After over 20 years of doing this I have l learned lots of different ways to help you do this.

This means that an essential part of the coaching process is to help you learn how to silence that inner voice and allow your subconscious or instincts to take over.  There are a variety of ways to do this and I will explore them with you over the coming weeks.

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