NE Life: Coach Be Happy

“A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.”  

As a coach I come across people who tell me that their goal is to ‘Be Happy’.  It has become something that they are striving for, something for them to attain and achieve.  The truth is, we all have the power to be happy right now.  We simply need to make the choice, implement it and stick to it!

So here are some tips that can help you BE HAPPY now.

Practice Gratitude

Happiness and gratitude are intrinsically linked.  How can you feel one without the other?  When we express gratitude, in whatever way is right for us, it boosts our mood.  We become happy.  So how do you express gratitude? You may want to reflect during the day or before bed on everything you are grateful for, or perhaps you prefer to write it down, say it out loud, turn it into a song and dance – whatever works for you.  If you practice gratitude before you go to bed, you will wake up happy and if you express gratitude as you wake up, you set yourself up in a happy mood for the day.

Take responsibility for your happiness

We can often look to other people for our happiness.  We expect that they behave in a certain way and then we’ll be happy.  When you accept responsibility for your own happiness you are in control, you are making the decisions, you are empowering yourself.  You stop expecting others to behave in a particular way and you modify your own behaviour to create your happiness.

Remember the little things.

Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin; a brisk walk on a cold sunny day; the first daffodils opening, the first snowdrops of spring; watching the patterns rain makes on the windows, listening to birdsong, watching a leaf drifting in the breeze.  So many little moments of pure joy are happening throughout our day yet we aren’t present, we aren’t there.  Whatever it is you are doing, experience it fully and you will be amazed at how all those little moments of happiness add up to a day full of joy.

Avoid the mood hoovers!

We rarely consciously let anyone take our happiness away, to be fair we would have to give it away.  Yet there are those people who will just hoover up your good mood!  You know the ones, no matter what happens, they are negative and it can be tough not to let it pull you down to their low mood.  Be aware of the mood hoovers, limit your time with them, consciously ramp up your happiness when you’re with them.  It can be helpful to visualise your happiness shining brightly around you at those times.  It’s also important to show them compassion.  That is how they are and that is there responsibility.  We don’t know their full story.  Thinking kind thoughts about them will help you maintain your own happiness.

Book your own happy hour!

Do something silly.  When was the last time you went for a paddle in the sea or jumped in puddles? Kicking your way through piles of leaves, turn up the music and dance like no-one’s watching.  What ever it is that makes you happy – block out time to enjoy it!  It may seem silly to schedule time to be happy but before you know it, it becomes a habit and you realise that the happiness was inside you all along.


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