Tips on dealing with Negative Thoughts from NE Life Coach

Negative thoughts.  Intrusive Thoughts.  Self-limiting beliefs.  Monkey Mind.  We all have them to one degree or another.  These are the messages that pop into our heads each day.  For some of us they happen so regularly and we interact with them so often that they become reinforced.  They become our truth. They feel permanent.

Anyone who has experienced this knows how exhausting negative thoughts become.  That constant erosion of our self-belief, self-esteem and self-confidence.  Imagine what could happen if all that energy were redirected to repeating positive messages?  How amazing would it be to watch your confidence, self-belief and self-esteem grow before your eyes?


The decision to focus on emphasising and reinforcing positive thoughts instead of negative ones can lead to a happy and productive life.   We make that decision every day, in reality we make it a number of times every day.  Yet we can choose where to focus our attention.  Do you look at the dark cloud or choose to look for the silver lining?  Now if that is the choice we are going to make, what thoughts are we going to choose to focus on? Will it be the negative thoughts or the positive ones? Here are some positive thoughts that you may like to try.

I am lovable

Everyone is born lovable.  By the mere fact that you exist, you are lovable.  If anyone isn’t able to show you that love, whether it’s through kindness, respect or compassion, will find that it is as a result of what is happening in their life.  You are lovable.

I am capable

We begin to learn the moment we are born.  We learn and grow every second.  We are designed to learn, to adapt and to grow.  We may not have been taught everything that we need to know in order to truly care for ourselves.  As we continue to grow and learn there is nothing to stop us changing that.  To learn and adapt to the new world of wanting to take care of ourselves.  It’s important to remember that just as we are capable of learning new things we can also unlearn the old unhelpful stuff.

Feeling good comes from doing things

This is especially true if you are involved in doing good things.  Remember that we don’t need positive self-esteem to do things; it can actually be seen as the outcome of what we do, whether it’s at school or work or in hobbies.  Do you want to wait until you feel better or do you want to get on with doing things that you know will help you feel better?

Is it a challenge or an opportunity?

Do you look for a way to solve things or do you look for what is wrong?  A challenge is a great opportunity to grow and develop.  Allowing yourself to step outside your comfort zone helps you in that growth.  One of the biggest opportunities inside a challenge that we often miss, is the opportunity to say no.  Not every problem is worthy of a solution.  Sometimes our energy is best directed elsewhere.

I’m only human

Making a mistake is no reason to give up.  It doesn’t make you a failure.  After all failure is an event not a person.  Making a mistake is an opportunity to learn and learning from mistakes is a sign of strength.  Remember Thomas Edison never thought he failed in his early attempts to invent the light bulb, in his words he just found 10,000 ways that didn’t work.  He learned from each and every one.

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