NE Life Coach: Self-Belief & Self-Confidence

Self-belief and self-confidence are often confused yet they are different and each can exist independently of each other.


“Confidence” comes from the Latin fidere which means “to trust.” To be self-confident is to trust in ourselves, and, in particular, in our ability to carry out a particular task. A self-confident person is generally ready to rise to new challenges, seize opportunities, deal with difficult situations, and also take responsibility if and when things don’t go as planned.
Self-confidence leads to successful experiences and vice versa, yet it’s possible to be extremely confident in one area and insecure in another.

What happens when there isn’t any self-confidence?

This is when courage steps in.  Confidence is something that operates in the world of the known.  When things are unknown or uncertain, courage takes over. Imagine you are going to abseil for the very first time.  You don’t have any past experience of being successful at this, so you cannot be self-confident in this task.  That moment when you lean back and trust the rope for the first time requires courage.  When (if) you repeat the experience, then you can be confident in your ability to complete the abseil.

Self-confidence and self-belief don’t always go hand in hand; it’s possible to be highly self-confident and yet to have profoundly low self-belief.  Think about the number of actors who have the confidence to perform in front of thousands but will avoid public speaking when they are not playing a role. That self-belief, which is crucial to our self-worth, simply isn’t there.


Belief originates from the Germanic ga-laubon “to hold dear, esteem, trust”.  Self-belief is trusting in what you think is the best course of action for you. It’s the understanding that whatever choice you make, things will work out for the best. Self-belief is a set of rules that you own which guide you on a path of success; it’s the deep reservoir of what you bring to a situation.  Essentially, it’s the way you feel about yourself regardless of your achievements, looks or other things you may feel confident in.

Remember, self-belief isn’t narcissism, bragging or boasting; rather it’s a realistic and optimistic evaluation of yourself and your abilities as well as the person you are.  It’s more about the person you are at your core.

Benefits of Self-Belief and Self-Confidence

Research suggests that self-belief and self-confidence lead to:

  • Better overall health
  • More time for family and friends
  • Higher performance
  • Being better at coping under stress
  • A more positive attitude
  • Far fewer negative thoughts
  • Feeling more valued
  • Less anxiety
  • More energy
  • Higher motivation
  • Feeling happier

How Do I Build Self-Belief and Self-Confidence?

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