NE Life Coach and how to let go

I’m curious, how would it be for you if you could let go of all your concerns and fully participate in the moment?

How would you enjoy the feeling of doing something fun or stepping out of your comfort zone? What would it feel like to discover something new?

As children we did this naturally.  Children find excitement and fun in in what’s happening right now.  It seems instinctive for them.  It was for us too, so we can regain that natural gift even if it does seem like a distant memory!  We have the capacity to reconnect with that ability to shake of our daily cares and become completely absorbed in the present moment. are able to rekindle that ability to shake off our troubles and become fully absorbed in the present.

If you would like to learn to do that again, here are some suggestions to try out.

Say YES to yourself!

How many times do you really want to try something new but a little voice pops in your head and says “don’t be silly, you can’t do that, you’re not a child’.  When did we stop allowing ourselves to have fun?  Just be open to the experience and let go!

Sit with the feelings.

Give yourself permission to feel whatever you need to feel in any given moment. Very often our negative thoughts will trigger difficult memories, loneliness or loss.  We tend to respond by trying to block them out, to avoid them.  Next time this happens, I invite you to give yourself permission to feel those feelings.  Feel whatever it is you need to feel, rather than suppressing it.  It may be that you want to set a maximum time frame for this experience and then, when you are ready, allow the feelings to drift away.  This doesn’t mean you are forgetting the past, there isn’t any reason for that; after all, the wonderful person that you are now is because of all of those experiences.  By allowing ourselves to sit with the feelings and truly experience them, then it becomes easier to simply let go.

Allow yourself to play.

Take time to relax, to do something just for you.
Remind yourself that you are allowed to have fun!  Remind yourself that you deserve to have time to play, to relax, to enjoy yourself!  Write it down, say it aloud, shout it out loud! You can take some time away from work and chores to do something for you.  It’s a vital part of taking care of yourself.

Know when to stop.

I’m thinking of that old adage ‘work hard, play hard’.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not suggesting burning the candle at both ends, ha-ha my days of that are long behind me!  There’s a time for work and a time for play; when we respect that and give each the energy they deserve, we’re able to get much more out of both of them.  I’ve always gained much satisfaction from fun when I know that I’ve worked hard!

In the zone

There are times when you’re completely in the zone, those times when you are totally focused on the work, or play, that you’re involved in.  My invitation to you here is to simply go with it.  When we’re in the zone it’s often associated with feeling energised, fully motivated and even inspired.  Often, it’s those times when you feel that you can do absolutely anything.  Go with it.  Who knows what wonders will open up to you!

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