If left to my own devices, I’m an ‘all or nothing’ person. Either completely obsessed or totally disinterested.

For some, this will work. For me…. hmmm not so much. It feels like being on a rollercoaster ride, plenty of screaming, occasionally fun but mostly utter terror! 🎢

Some time ago, I thought I was really searching for stability and security. The type that really isn’t possible whilst riding the rollercoaster!

In ‘all or nothing’ mode, I will set a date (let’s say January 1st) and that will be the date that I will change my life.

Sounds good. Of course, that means that between setting the date and it arriving, I will carry on as normal. Eating whatever and whenever I want, lots of to-do lists and very little action, staying snuggled up warm rather than getting out in the fresh air. Going to bed far too late and binge watching Netflix because come January 1st I’m going to be a completely different person.

Yep, that person who goes to bed early, eats well, exercises, meditates and journals every day.

By now, I know that you know where this is going. 😂

So how did it change? How do I move from ‘all or nothing’?

1. I stick to the date I’ve set for one new behaviour. Yes one. We can generally only build one habit at a time. If we do, there’s an 80% chance of success. If we try to install 2 new habits, those chances of success drop to 35% and plummet to 5% if we try to install 3 habits at once.

2. I recognise that both now and whilst I’m developing and embedding that new behaviour, it’s OK to be me. I’m enough. This is something I tell my brain every day.

I know enough

I do enough

I am enough

I now know that this is what I had been craving all along. I am enough.

Too often, we can look externally for this sense of being enough, whether it’s validation from someone else or how we look on the outside. When we do that, we invariably come up empty.

I am enough is a gift that only we can give to ourselves. It’s something we cultivate internally.

So how do we do that? How do we sustain it?

For me, it was the wonderful art and science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).
NLP is how to use the mind’s own language to consistently achieve specific desired outcomes. NLP techniques cultivate a success mind-set by aligning your thoughts, beliefs, values and attitudes with your desired outcomes.

Neuro: the unique way we translate the information we receive through our senses about the external world and what is happening around us. Then how this translation impacts the way we think, our physiology, how we feel and how we behave.

Linguistic: how we express our experience to ourselves and to others through the language we use. This language also impacts our experience, behaviour and feelings.

Programming: how habitual, often unconscious, patterns of thoughts, feelings and behaviours have developed throughout the course of our lives and, critically, how these patterns can be changed.

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