Are Your Habits Helpful?

I’m sure, like me, you have some frustrating, unhelpful habits that you’d love to get rid of.

Whether it’s staying up late to watch ‘just one more’ episode on Netflix, or the biscuit you always have with a cuppa, late night snacking, biting your nails or hitting the snooze button; we know that we’d feel better without them but we keep on doing them!We don’t like the consequences.  They may even slow down the attainment of our goals, yet we keep on going.  Why is that?

Habits and Your Brain

Well, it’s quite simply your brain doing what it’s meant to do.

If I asked you what happens in your mind when you run an unhelpful habit chances are you wouldn’t be able to tell me.  That’s because not much does happen.  We don’t actively think ‘Oh I know, let me start biting my nails now’.

Our unhelpful habits are the product of our unconscious mind providing shortcuts that allow us to save energy and solve problems based on what we already know. Essentially, mental shortcuts that allow our brains to make some fact-based assumptions.

So, as soon as you start filling the kettle to make a cuppa, your brain is already thinking that a biscuit is needed.

Interrupt the Habit

OK, that’s great, but how do we interrupt this process? How do we change it?

The first step is to notice.

Stay present, talk yourself through the process. ‘I’m making a cuppa now because I really want to enjoy a nice cup of tea and just that cup of tea.”  If you want to have a biscuit, choose it consciously.  ‘Do I really want a biscuit now?’  I’ve found that, invariably the answer is no. Yet this also allows me the option to choose to enjoy one if that’s what I really want.

This simple hack will allow you to start making changes at the surface level, at the conscious level.  For long term, sustainable behavioural change, we need to work with the unconscious mind and that’s where NLP comes in with a wonderful variety of techniques to reprogramme the habitual pattern to create a new, more helpful habit.


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