How Mindfulness and NLP have helped me connect with my Intuition

I’ve been thinking a lot about intuition recently and how mindfulness helps me hear it better as well as how NLP helps me access it.  NLP also helps me access the additional resources in my unconscious mind.  There have been a number of occasions lately that have caused me to think more about intuition or gut feeling; perhaps you call it your inner wisdom.  Whatever name we use, intuition is that part of ourselves which guides us or helps us to make decisions in a way that is right for us.  It may be to lead us to our right path, keep us safe, open us up to new experiences, people and places that will add to our lives or deliver what we need at any given time.

I’m sure that where we feel or hear our intuition will vary from person to person; it may also depend on the situation.  Sometimes I get that ‘gut feeling’ about what is right; sometimes I feel it in my heart and sometimes I hear it in my head.  I only tend to ‘hear’ it when it is prompting me to ask more questions.  There are times of course when I’ve completely ignored it; pushed it to one side thinking “oh, it’ll be alright” and of course, it isn’t.  These have invariably been the worst decisions I have made and the word that got in the way? SHOULD! You should…. I should… By now I should have….. Really I should…… I know, but I should…..

Yet for some reason my intuition is extremely patient with me.  Intuition doesn’t judge me.  It simply waits until it has another opportunity to be of help; then gently guides me back on my ‘right’ path, allowing me to accept all the learning from my little detour.

I’ve also noticed that there have been many times when I could have connected with my intuition but didn’t.  Generally, this is because of the noise in my head and around me; noise created by planning, ruminating, pondering and self-talk.  Yet the more I allow myself to be present in the moment the more I connect with my intuition.  Certainly, as I meditate more I hear my intuition more.  It doesn’t need to be a long meditation, often just 3 to 5 minutes of following my breath calms me enough to then hear and feel my intuition.  After that I know what to do and it’s a deep and peaceful knowing, one that doesn’t depend on anyone else, that isn’t dependent on ‘shoulds’ or other people’s expectations.

My intuition doesn’t help me find the easiest route or option.  It guides me to the one that’s best for me.  I’m thankful for all the help my intuition gives me.  I’m thankful for mindfulness and NLP that help me connect with my intuition and the resources of my unconscious mind.  Most of all I’m thankful for my intuition’s patience and its acceptance of my little detours.

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